Luc Courchesne was born in 1952 in St-Léonard d’Aston, Québec and currently lives in Montréal. He has an undergraduate degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, and a Master of Science in Visual Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. Luc Courchesne was part of the emergence of media arts in the mid 1980s, when, as a video artist inspired by experimental filmmakers like Michael Snow and Hollis Frampton, he started adopting computer technologies, creating some of the earliest experiments in interactive video. Since that time he has produced over 30 installations and image series, exhibiting them in museums and galleries around the world. Luc Courchesne is represented in Montréal by Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain and in New York by Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

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